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Remote Jetting Reel

SKU: 300106
  • Tracked 1m Wide Undercarriage
  • Lombardini LD25 19HP Diesel Engine
  • Hydraulic Hose Reel with 200M 1” Hose Capacity
  • LED Beacon, 2 x LED Work Lamps
  • Approx. Weight - 750KG (Depending on specification)
The remote hose jetting reel is ideal for providing high-pressure jetting in restricted access sites. We manufacture remote reels in a variety of configurations, including tracked, wheeled and dumper arrangements. Designed to be compact, robust and maneuverable in demanding environments, the units are manufactured to order.

Remote Hose Reel: Versatile, Robust


  • Wheeled versions available
  • Various size hose reels
  • Configurable undercarriage widths
  • Thermoplastic jetting hose – various specifications available
  • Braked drive motors (in lieu of valve drive arrangement)
  • Seat with seatbelt and anti-roll cage
  • Twin axle transportation trailer
  • Low emission, electro-hydraulic reel systems are available
  • Reel assembly can be painted to match corporate colours (ral code required)
  • Transportable hydro-coiler available for use with pipe breaking system
  • Remote Reel

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