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    Tarantula 1/2” Nozzle

    SKU: RB_07
    • Hose Size: 1/2 "
    • Pipe Diameters: 110 - 250mm
    • Weight: 0.43kg
    • Water Flow: 40 to 215 LPM
    • Measurements: 37 x 85mm

    One of our most popular nozzles and for good reason. Slow speed rotation allows the breakdown of obstacles and effective pipe-wall cleaning. A cost-effective rotating nozzle designed for the toughest jobs, such as the removal of hard deposits, scale, fats and small roots. This nozzle is a must for all sewer and drain cleaning contractors.


    Roberto Bruna Nozzles

    The Tarantula Rotating Nozzle was manufactured by Roberto Bruna, an equipment manufacturer based in Spain. The company has been designing high-pressure jetting nozzles since 1999 and manufacture to the highest quality standards. After evaluating and testing the nozzles extensively, in 2020, Andy Guest Jetters secured the rights to distribute Roberta Bruna nozzles in the UK.

    The Tarantula nozzle is water-efficient and energy-saving whilst offering jetting performance equivalent to comparable jetting nozzles on the market at a great price.

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