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    Standard Nozzle 2020

    SKU: 2020

    The newly released Standard Nozzle 2020 has been designed for optimal use with our latest range of high-pressure jetting machines. The bulbous-head design provides more effectiveness in basic cleaning and unblocking operations and the shorter body length makes it easier for the nozzle to negotiate tight corners in pipelines. Supplied in a range of open or blind combinations.

    PLEASE NOTE: These nozzles have been designed specifically for the 1, 2, 3 and 4-Series Jetters and may not work correctly with equipment from other manufacturers.

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    Andy Guest Nozzles

    The New Standard Nozzle 2020 is manufactured by Andy Guest. Our Fixed Nozzles are also known as flushing or penetrating nozzles depending on the configuration of the jets. Narrow rear jets offer more thrust to propel the nozzle down the pipe, whereas wider jets help flush debris.

    The New Standard Nozzle for 2020 is a great low price nozzle for general use that can be used with all our High pressure jetting machines and is a must for all sewer and drain cleaning contractors

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