When it comes to purchasing new jetting equipment, cost, performance, efficiency, safety installation, vehicle fit out and ongoing maintenance are all considerations in a process that can prove extremely time consuming. By choosing a single-source solution, many contractors have discovered a hassle free and cost-effective way to satisfy all their jetting vehicle requirements.

Andy Guest Jetters Sales Manager Jon Woods says they have seen a marked increase in the number of customers looking for complete solutions: “We’ve been providing turnkey jetting solutions for several years and more recently have been helping customers finance the complete package. That’s everything, including arranging vehicle finance, jetter supply and installation, vehicle customisations and after-sales services. We find that this offers customers an affordable way to use the latest kit, whilst ensuring the efficiency and reliability of their equipment.”

Understanding customer requirements is paramount in the process, and Jon says the team at Andy Guest take the time to tailor solutions that meet specific needs. A good example of this is a recent project for DASA, a leading provider of drainage and leakage evaluation solutions to the insurance industry and its partners.

The company were looking to replace some of its van-pack fleet with smaller vans, whilst still having the space to carry all the equipment necessary to undertake evaluation and remedial work. Steve Lownds, Off-Main Fulfilment Manager at DASA explains: “We wanted a well organised solution that would work in smaller Ford Custom vehicles and allow us to carry all the equipment and tools we need to undertake jobs in a single visit, without the vehicle being jam-packed.”

To achieve this, customisation of the vehicles included bulkhead installations, waterproofed rear sections and checker-plate and ply-lined front sections, along with internal shelving and a locking cabinet for securing valuable equipment such as the leak detection consoles and CCTV camera equipment. LED lighting was also installed, along with wash basins in the rear section of the vehicles.

Jetter size and weight played a key part in the solution, with the new V-Pack 1 Series providing a much smaller, lighter unit that could be fitted further back in the van to distribute weight. Reducing payload also improves fuel efficiency and Steve says the company has been quite surprised at how fuel efficient the new Ford Custom is, even when fully loaded.

The DASA field engineers have also been impressed with the new jetting equipment and van conversion: “The new jetter is really straightforward to use and provides plenty of pressure to get the job done.” says Steve. “The radio remote also makes it easy for single man operation.”

“One of the engineers was a bit sceptical about down-sizing the van and still being able to carry equipment such as hand tools and still saws, but the vans are really well organised, so that’s addressed that issue.”

Providing cost-effective solutions for contractors really makes the difference says Jon Woods: “Every business is different, but having a one-stop service that includes jetting equipment, base vehicle, vehicle conversion, camera systems, ancillaries and after-care means that overall costs are clear from the outset. If it’s required, financing the complete solution can also make it more affordable over the long-term.”