Advanced Pipeline Solutions

While petrol-engine jetting equipment is nothing new to the drainage industry, manufacturers building high-performance drain cleaning machines have traditionally used diesel engines. But this has started to change due to the availability of more reliable and efficient fuel injection petrol engines, and as manufacturers factor in the new Stage V emissions regulations.

Jon Woods, UK Sales Manager at Andy Guest Jetters, says that the buyers’ market is also slowly starting to change as contractors realise the implications of buying new machines after the mid-2020 cut-off date for selling non-compliant Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM).

“Diesel engines above 18.5kw will need to be fitted with diesel particulate filters (DPF), which will inevitably make jetting machines more expensive, heavier and more complex. Because of this, contractors are starting to look at viable alternatives.”

“There is still some skepticism about the next generation of petrol-engined jetters, but the evidence clearly points to the fact that jetters using these engines are often lighter, quieter, more cost-effective and new emissions regulations compliant.”

In May 2019, Andy Guest Jetters launched its new high-performance 3-Series Petrol van-pack machine, which, in reference to the firm’s first petrol jetter released in 2017, Jon describes as a “1-Series on steroids”.

The new version of the popular van-pack utilises a B+S Vanguard 37HP EFI V-Twin petrol engine that is lighter and more fuel efficient than its diesel predecessor and produces an industry standard performance of [email protected] ([email protected]). The 3-Series is also equipped with an electronic push-button control panel for ease of operation and is designed for single user operation.

Paul Cleaver, Contracts Manager of the Danaher and Walsh Group’s Advanced Pipeline Solutions Division, says the decision to buy a new 3-Series Petrol jetter was based on several factors.

“As a company we’re committed to reducing our CO² footprint and a current challenge is to achieve CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme) Gold standard,” he explains. “The new 3-Series Petrol jetter fits with that commitment. It’s over 200kg lighter than the equivalent diesel engine version and easily fits in a 3.5t working van with no concerns about being overweight.”

“In operating we’ve found the performance to be exceptional. Its not only lighter and more fuel efficient but the performance is favourable when compared to large diesel-powered machines.”

 “We’ve bought five jetters from Andy Guest in the past 18 months and the performance, service, price and turnaround has been great. From now on the 3-Series Petrol will be our go-to machine.”

3-Series Petrol

Jon Woods says the engineering team at Andy Guest used the experience of developing the 1-Series to upscale the design on the 3-Series: “It’s well known that petrol engines run hotter than diesels and we’ve designed the 3-Series to dissipate residual engine heat quickly. The new EFI engine also has a better torque curve, which maximises performance and efficiency. The engine management system also improves diagnostics and will enable engine remapping for customers with older machines.”

“We’ve also been looking at ways of improving petrol storage and delivery in the van itself, as we know this is another concern for customers new to petrol machines.”

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