The voice of the customer is the most important feedback any business will ever get, and here at Andy Guest we’re no different. Our 2016 survey, though very positive, did highlight a couple of holes in our product portfolio.

This included a sub £5k jetter that meets the quality expectations needed by our users (we listened to that one: V-Pack 1 Series) but also a mid-price point trailer system. There are a lot of trailers on the market, which include straight frame-mounted systems on Type-Approved chassis. There’s also highly innovative systems available through our sister company, Rioned, which are extremely popular across Europe and some parts of the UK.

The mid-section, however, has a number of systems with aging technology, antiquated designs and little consumer choice. We hear a lot that this segment seems to receive little investment or attention from manufacturers. Granted it is not the biggest market in the jetting industry, but here at Andy Guest we believe if something is worth doing it’s worth doing right.

There’s little doubt that as payloads become lighter and end users become more demanding and require more single-visit solutions, which in turn require a greater array of on-board equipment, space and weight is at a premium. We may also see more petrol-powered equipment on the market in the coming years as emissions laws come into play throughout 2019. As such we expect something of a resurgence of the trailer market.

So, by way of a little teaser, we just wanted to let you know to expect our new Andy Guest V-Pack T Series trailer system to be hitting the market in around 6-9 months’ time. During the development process, we will be reaching out to many of our key accounts to ensure we have incorporated as many of your design requirements as possible. If you would like more information about the new trailer series, please get in touch. Call 03300 240404 or email us.