New 4-Series is All Torque

The newly launched Andy Guest Jetters 4-Series van-pack jetting machine has been on the market for less than two months but has already made an impression at Metro Rod Lancashire. Built at the Andy Guest’s manufacturing facility in Keighley, West Yorkshire, the 4-Series has been developed in conjunction with the new engine manufacturer Yanmar and utilises a new water-cooled diesel engine which is lighter than its predecessor without compromising on performance.

Metro Rod Lancashire, one of the company’s largest northern franchises, has been a long-time user of Andy Guest machines and was one of the first customers to place orders for the new 4-Series.

With one new machine in operation and two more on order, the company are adding to their current van-pack fleet of eight vehicles as they continue to grow. Mostly serving commercial and key accounts throughout the North West, the franchise undertakes a wide range of drainage work including drain unblocking and cleaning, CCTV surveys and pipework remedial work.

“The feedback from engineers is that it’s a fantastic piece of kit,” explains Matt Yates, Metro Rod Director and Technical Manager. “We’ve used Andy Guest machines since day one and 90% of our vehicles are currently fitted with their equipment. As they also handle the vehicle supply and conversions it’s ideal for us.”

The new machines have been installed in new Ford Transit vans converted specifically for drainage operations. The conversions include the installation of bulkheads, checker-plate flooring, welfare equipment, LED lighting and adjustable storage space.

4 Series Installed in a van conversion for Metro Rod

Sean Penders, a drainage engineer with Metro Rod Lancashire, has been operating the new machine from the converted van for a few weeks and is really pleased with the results.

“It’s the best van-pack I’ve used,” he explains. “It’s a really reliable unit and the additional PSI and water flow ([email protected]) makes tasks a lot easier. The increased water flow means removing silt is much more efficient and the increased pressure is great for cutting through roots and hard deposits. It also gets a good range with the radio remote.”

The new 4-Series is lighter than its predecessor, meaning better fuel efficiency. It’s also quieter in operation, a fact Sean says makes a difference when working late in residential areas. “The previous machine was very loud, potentially causing an annoyance to neighbours. The noise levels with this machine are much better.”

While broadly similar to its predecessor, the technicians at Andy Guest have also made improvements to various electrical components and worked closely with engine manufacturer Yanmar to produce a machine with plenty of torque at low revs and improved timing according to engine load. To suit the new configuration, a set of specially designed nozzles has been developed to maximise performance.

Metro rod van fitted with an Andy Guest 4-Series Jetter