Andy Guest 4-Sereis Yanmar

Jetting equipment manufacturer Andy Guest Jetters has launched a new model for its best-selling 4-Series van-pack range. The manufacturer says the new machine has been developed to provide improved performance, reliability and longevity, meaning lower whole-life costs.

Built at the company’s manufacturing facility in Keighley, West Yorkshire, the 4-Series has been developed in conjunction with the new engine manufacturer Yanmar. The new unit utilises a 37HP water-cooled diesel engine which is quieter in operation and lighter than its predecessor without compromising on performance.

Bob Dobson, Andy Guest Production Manager, says the process has taken some time to get right: “We’ve looked at the machine as a whole, not just the engine, and have made improvements to various electrical components. The chosen engine is best-in-class and offers a better torque curve with plenty of torque at low revs and improved timing according to engine load.”

“We’ve also worked with our nozzle supplier to develop a new set of standard nozzles specifically for the 4-Series. When used with the standard single-wire lightweight hose, the nozzles will make the most of the new engine performance and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine in operation.”

Andy Guest is also planning to roll-out a new remote-control system with the new machine that promises better range and reliability.

UK Sales Manager Jon Woods says the company has used the development as opportunity to update the machine branding: “We’ve changed the machine frame colour from the company blue to a more modern anthracite grey. It’s about building on our reputation for performance and reliability, whilst delivering advanced technology and many more options for upgrades and customisations.

Although packed with a suite of equipment as standard the 4-series is customisable, with options such as the stack and split van-pack arrangements and an array of non-standard pressures and flows.

For a full specification visit the 4-Series Product Page