Over the past 18 months there has been a marked increase in the demand for bespoke jetting systems and ancillary equipment. At Andy Guest Jetters’ manufacturing facility in Keighley, West Yorkshire, the team of specialist engineers and technicians have recently undertaken a range of custom projects that showcase the company’s capabilities.

AGJ manufacture a comprehensive product range of standard skid-mounted jetting equipment, from the robust and reliable V Series to the lightweight and high-specification ComPack Series.

UK General Manager James Burke explains that having a UK based manufacturing facility enables the build team to take on some interesting bespoke projects: “All of our machines are manufactured in-house giving us the flexibility to produce completely bespoke systems for our customers. The engineers and technicians have done some outstanding work, and we thought it was a great opportunity to share the capabilities of the facility and also some of the recent trends in the market.”

Tracked Remote Jetting Reel

The specialist build team recently completed a Tracked Remote Jetting Reel for a customer based in Yorkshire. The system has been designed to be compact, versatile and, most importantly, robust. Built to cope with the most demanding of operating environments, the remote reel is ideal for locations where providing a water supply is difficult due to restricted access.

This system is designed around a one-metre-wide tracked undercarriage, powered by a 19HP diesel engine, with the brake drive driven through a valve chest arrangement. Mounted to the unit is a custom-made frame and hydraulic drive hose reel capable of holding 200 metres of 3/4" jetting hose, inlet connectors compatible with 1" diameter hose.

An integrated pull-out step is fitted for ease-of-use, along with LED beacon and work lamps for working in poor visibility. The unit can be upgraded with braked drive motors, seat unit, anti-roll cage and seat belts if required. The team even incorporated an advertising space onto the chain guard.

Although a custom project, the company are now offering the Remote Jetting Reel in various configurations and specifications, including tracked and wheeled versions.

Ford Ranger Pickup System

In April, the build team were set a task by a long-standing customer who had a trailer jetting system that wasn't being fully utilised because of license towing restrictions. Although the customer had just purchased a new unit, they also required a backup unit that could be utilised out of hours; when extra capacity was needed; or in an emergency. Handing over their old trailer jetting unit and a Ford Ranger, the team were essentially asked to “pimp their jetter”.

To meet requirements of costs and size, the major components of the trailer were transferred into the Ranger, without increasing the canopy height and ensuring all maintenance parts remained fully accessible. The engine, pump, reel and the majority of the hydraulic system from the trailer were reused, a special mounting frame fabricated and a bespoke water tank fitted. This allowed costs to be kept to a minimum, proving a more financially effective solution when compared to the cost of purchasing a second new machine.

The newly customised vehicle is now also used for rural and off-road jobs that a traditional van may find difficult to access (and there are plenty of these areas within the Midlands). The customer was delighted with the transformation, with the cost of modifications recovered in the first few weeks.

AGJ ComPack with Special Mounting Plinth

A recent installation of a new lightweight ComPack machine into a customer’s vehicle included an integrated bespoke false floor to facilitate secure storage underneath the machine.

The machine features an extensive specification including aluminium frame, full engine and pump “acoustic” covers, radio remote control, foot pedal control, low water cut off and lightweight jetting hose.

The customer, based in Staffordshire, was very specific about the conversion of the vehicle and placement of the jetter at an optimum working height. The AGJ engineers manufactured a one-off solution that allows easy removal of the jetting machine.

The vehicle’s internal and work lighting are also independently switched from the control panel of the jetting machine for added ease-of-use. This vehicle will be used on a large contract in the Midlands to complement an existing fleet of high-specification Rioned machines.