Auger Training Day with Andy Guest Jetters

Retraining courses play a vital role in keeping drainage engineers up-to-date with the latest equipment and, perhaps more importantly, provide a refresher on using high-pressure equipment safely in a range of hazardous environments. For Auger, an independent drainage specialist serving the insurance industry, remote training course provided by Andy Guest Jetters have proved successful on several levels.

Auger operate nationwide and has over 30 jetting vans in daily use, all of them carrying Andy Guest Jetting equipment. Nicola Lyon, Head of Recruitment and People Development at Auger, says they have always used the jetter manufacturer’s equipment: “We bought our first jetter in 2001 and have used their machines since day one. We have an exceptional relationship, and that’s been that way for nearly 20 years.”

Nicola explains that the company are focused on training and development, last year establishing the Auger Academy to train and develop staff, and that jetter operation training is a key part of that: “We have regular regional meetings for our Drainage and Water Mains teams that take them out of work for the day. Training forms part of those meetings and really helps the teams, meaning they can get the most out of their equipment. It also helps reduce breakdowns and the need for repairs.”

Nicola says the benefits of Andy Guest attending the open days are twofold. While the meeting is taking place the mobile servicing team is able to carry out servicing on the jetting equipment of engineers in attendance.

Auger has operatives across the UK and bringing vehicles in for servicing can be time-consuming and costly. “Having the vehicles serviced remotely is really cost-effective,” says Nicola. “Andy Guest has serviced vehicles that were at our regional meetings and made arrangements with other engineers to visit them at their locations. The mobile service is absolutely fabulous. Managing bookings and making arrangements with individual engineers really works for our business.”

Auger has recently started commissioning the Andy Guest 1-Series jetter as a replacement for old jetters. The petrol-engined unit produces 3000psi @ 8GPM performance and uniquely features an electronic control panel. Its compact design means it is small enough to in the smallest commercial vans. 

1 Series Lightwieght Jetter

Nicola says the weight of the new units really makes a difference: “The equipment is 150kgs lighter than the previous units and that is bringing efficiencies. The feedback from engineers has also been really positive, and the smaller size means they are able to fit more drainage gear in their vans.”

Jon Woods, Sales Manager at Andy Guest Jetters, says the company are very proud of their relationship with Auger: “I think it demonstrates our commitment to customer service and aftersales support. Having clear points of contact and keeping clients updated on equipment changes, new technology and legislative issues is a really important part of our overall service.”

Established in the North West, Auger is one of only two companies in the UK that are WRc approved in accordance with the Drain Repair Book – the insurance industry standard for surveying and repairing domestic drainage systems. Next year the company celebrates its 25th Anniversary.