The specialist build team at Andy Guest Jetters recently delivered a tracked remote Reel to Mantank Environmental Services Ltd. The company undertake work for various water authorities and often get requests to carry out work in remote locations. Prior to purchasing the Remote Reel some of these jobs would have proved very difficult and time-consuming.

Dave Royle, Director at Mantank, says the Remote Reel has helped expand the company’s scope of work: “Some jobs would have been impossible to do without it. We often work in fields where access and water supply is very difficult. Having a unit mounted on tracks means we can use it to reach virtually any site regardless of the terrain.”

The company also recently purchased a Muller HELI 360-6 Tandem tanker from Germany. The first of its kind in the UK, the unit features a 360° rotatable, extendible jib arm, mounted on the top of the sewer cleaning tanker. The system unites suction and flushing hose in one system with 26m of DN125 suction hose and 300m of high pressure hose contained in the telescopic boom.

“Using the new tanker with the remote reel means a lot easier access to the most difficult sites,” says Dave Royle. “And we can stay longer on jobs by using the tanker to recycle water.”

The Andy Guest Remote Jetting Reel is designed around a one-metre-wide tracked undercarriage, powered by a 19HP diesel engine, with the brake drive driven through a valve chest arrangement. Mounted to the unit is a custom-made frame and hydraulic drive hose reel capable of holding 200 metres of 1" jetting hose, inlet connectors compatible with 1" diameter hose. An integrated pull-out step is fitted for ease-of-use, along with LED beacon and work lamps for working in poor visibility.

Jon Woods, Sales Manager at Andy Guest Jetters, says the size and lightness of the unit is a real selling point: “The low weight of the remote reel means that it has less impact on the ground and that makes it ideal to use in environmentally sensitive areas or on tended land such as gardens and sports fields.”

The tracked Remote Jetting Reel is now being manufactured as a standard model available with finance, and the company can also customise units to suit client requirements, including braked drive motors, seat units, anti-roll cages and seat belts if required.