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    High-Pressure Hose - Andy Guest Lightweight-3/8" 30m

    SKU: HOS1004

    The new Andy Guest lightweight hose is made of a flexible rubber alloy and a single steel inner shell for extra strength, durability and product lifespan. Due to the single steel inner shell the hose is much lighter than standard hoses, and designed to reduce pressure loss for greater cleaning power.

    Hose Features

    • Available in ½”, 3/8” and 5/8” diameters
    • 50m, 80m and 100m Lengths
    • Rubber and steel reinforced flexible hose
    • 1/2" screw nipple standard threaded coupling
    • WP/BP 280/700 BAR
    • Diameter nominal (DN) 12.7mm
    • ISO7751 accredited

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