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    Chain Flail Kit 1/2"

    SKU: 500131

    Made for the most difficult obstructions, but relatively light-weight. It hits, cuts and scrapes through everything. The Buster chain flail kit is supplied as a set with a body and three jetting nozzles provided with: - Link chains for hardened blockages (limescale, cement or concrete).

    The kit includes:

      • Industrial chains, sharp enough to tackle grease or smaller roots

      • Steel wires to scrape the pipes clean

      • A cutting point to drill through blockages

      1-SERIES JETTER 3000PSI @ 8GPM
      2-SERIES JETTER 3000PSI @ 9GPM
      3-SERIES JETTER 3000PSI @ 12GPM
      4-SERIES JETTER 3000PSI @ 16GPM
      4-SERIES JETTER 3625PSI @ 13GPM
      5-SERIES JETTER 3000PSI @ 16GPM
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