3 series stack

For a project to create its new multipurpose drainage van-pack, Dyno-Rod Ireland worked with Technical Camera Services and Andy Guest Jetters. The collaborative approach has resulted in a low-weight, state-of-the-art package and a template for new additions to its fleet.

Dyno-Rod Ireland is operated by Crowley Services, a family-run business with over 40 years’ experience in the drainage industry. From humble beginnings, the firm now operates the entire Dyno-Rod franchise for the Republic of Ireland with bases in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway.

The interior layout was carefully planned using lightweight materials.

Paul Crowley, Director of Crowley Services Ltd, has worked in the industry for 35 years and over that time has seen drainage equipment and vehicles evolve.

“While the advancements in technology have made a difference to the way we work, the payload and the amount of equipment we can carry in a 3.5t van has been an issue. As features have improved, the weight of the jetters has increased. This restricted what we could put in 3.5t vans and using bigger vans is not an option, as it would mean operatives needing a C-class licence. These days the peeled back approach to equipment is better for the business.”“Economics dictate the evolution of the industry,” he explains. “It’s about making money by being able to identify and fix issues in a single visit. Manufacturers such as Rioned have modernised equipment, with the range of features and the use of remote control prompting a switch in the industry to single-man operations.”

The development of a new van-pack template has been a collaborative effort, combining feedback from the Dyno-Rod engineers, Paul’s own experience and the technical expertise of Technical Camera Services (TCS) and Andy Guest Jetters.

The new unit has been operational for a few weeks and Paul says they have been impressed with the 3-Series stack jetter: “It’s a powerful package for the size and weight. Being able to carry a powerful jetter, camera system, a compressor for patch repairs and the associated tools in one van allows us to be a one-stop-shop for the full range of drainage work.”

The  3-Series Stack utilises a low-noise 37HP 37HP (27kW) Briggs and Stratton Vanguard EFi V-Twin Petrol engine producing 3000psi @ 12GPM. Based on the standard van-pack jetter, it’s a fully-featured unit with a hydraulic hose-reel, electronic push-button controls and 5-Channel remote control.

The 400L water tank is positioned at the front bulkhead to aid road handling.


Jon Woods, Sales Manager at Andy Guest, explains that the new unit was designed for dual or multipurpose vans but also to work in smaller commercial vehicles: “We took a stripped-back approach to reduce weight and size. The unit has a dry weight of approx. 300kg, which we think is impressive considering its performance capabilities. It’s been designed from the ground up with a single-resolution approach.”

The van layout is also innovative, with careful consideration on how best to organise the equipment. Rather than a traditional central bulkhead, a half-width partition has been installed so that both the jetter and camera system can be operated from the back of the van whilst allowing access to the rear workstation.

The 400L water tank has been positioned against the front bulkhead to distribute weight and thought has gone into the organisation of the range of storage, the inverter and the lighting. Leaving no stone unturned, they’ve even added a monitor that can be viewed from the back of the van so customers can watch surveys in real-time.

The half-width partition allows access and viewing through the length of the van.

Despite the range of equipment, the fully-laden van weighs approx 3250KG.  “I think it tells a story,” says Paul. “It stems from trying to maximise what you can do with the van while keeping it within the 3500kg weight limit.”

“Padraig at TCS is very knowledgeable as was able to offer advice on using the right materials, such as composites rather than plywood, which has made quite an impact on the laden weight. Even the choice of the front-wheel-drive Mercedes Sprinter was a consideration as it offers better road handling and a 100kg weight saving over similar vehicles.”

The result is a cutting-edge approach to developing a vehicle that can undertake drain cleaning, surveying, testing and repair in a single visit. It’s also an interchangeable template for new vans that will help streamline Dyno-Rod operations.

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