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    4-Series Stack

    SKU: 300104-4s
    Our 4-Series Stack units are powered by fuel-efficient, low-noise 37HP engines, and ideally suited to everyday use on sewer and drainage systems. New units are supplied with a twin-wire lightweight hose and a set of nozzles.

    • Pipework Diameter: < 350mm

    • 3625psi @ 13GPM (250BAR @ 60LPM) Diesel

    • Water Tank Capacity: 400 Litres (88 Gallon)

    • Yanmar 3TNV Low Noise 3 Cylinder Diesel - 37HP (28kW) Engine

    • Triplex High-Pressure Pump

    • Water-Cooled Engine

    • Dry Weight: 495KG

    • Water Tanks can be mounted separately


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